Massive traffic in Cebu is persistence anywhere going to Cebu City

The traffic jam in Cebu escalate due to number of people living in the City.  People going to Cebu City need a car or a motorcycle so they buy thinking life is getting better. When they buy a vehicle they just park in the road because they don’t have a parking space. You can see this often in a low cost housing subdivision. Many lowcost subdivisions in Cebu that has no property  management. Owners just in the road and even blocking the road.

The road is not enough due to massive of vehicle moving in Cebu. Most of the people can afford due to low down payment and long term payment which is easy for filipinos to buy.

The picture you see is going to N.Bacalso road where traffic is very persistence during working days 6:30 a.m. to 9 a.m.

The jeepy stops in the center of the road because passenger are not patience to  wait or even go in the in the jeepney terminal. Plenty of areas in Cebu that are not stick in the law vehicles just park at the road without thinking that they are blocking the roads.

This are the list of example location you can see the vehicle are parking on the road ; Labangon , Talisay , Pardo , Tabunok , Minglanilla , Naga and many more are still not listed.  

Small business establishment in Cebu has not parking areas so the customer just park in the road while vehicle in the back must wait. Often to can be seen in inayawan road where the big trucks just load and unload the battle of drinks.

Massive traffic in Cebu is persistence anywhere going in Cebu City.

If you are working in Cebu City and you have money to buy and invest a Condominium then take action to get 1 unit condo for your self or family. 

The usual price range of condo in Cebu City  2 to 4 Million depend on the class of condo from class A , B , C.

One car parking area year 2018 start from 800,000 peso to 1,300,000 peso




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