Affordable Condo Mactan Island - BRIA FLATS

4th Floor - Php 1,290,000.00
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BRIA FLATS - Sudtunggan
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24 sq. m.
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24 sq. m.
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BRIA FLATS Mactan- Condominium Sudtunggan, Basak, Lapu-Lapu City
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Reservation Fee: Php 10,000.00
20 years to pay at 7% p.a. - Php 8,751.0
15 years to pay at 7% p.a. - Php 10,146.
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Are you searching for affordable and good quality condo you can find here in Mactan Sudtunggan. Visit the place so you will know place has good quality yet price is affordable. We can assist you in our site visit.

BRIA Flats is a 4-Storey Walk up Condominium with all Studio Units, very affordable and accessible…


Below are the landmark location going to other place in Mactan:

Few Meters away from Gaisano Grand Mall Mactan & Mactan Doctor’s Hospital

7 minutes to Airport

2 minutes to Major Commercial Establishments

2 minutes to Industrial Parks (MEPZ & CLIP)

Walking distance to elementary and public high school

and 5 minutes to private school (St. Augustine)

5 minutes to Beaches and Resorts

Bria Flats is good for Investors, Young Professionals who are working near the area, Families living far from the city with students in the future..


Number of Building: 21 Buildings

Number of Floors : 4 Storeys


Below are the AMENITIES you can get:

Entrance Plaza

Club House

Swimming Pool


Jogging Trail

Playing area

Covered Path walk

Laundry Shop

Convenient Store

Terminal hub

Earthquake Resilient Design

Start of Construction: Dec. 2015

Estimated Delivery : October 2016



Floor Area 24 sq. m.


Pre-Selling Prices:

4th Floor - Php 1,290,000.00

3rd Floor - Php 1,325,000.00

2nd Floor - Php 1,425,000.00

Ground Floor - Php 1,440,000.00

Reservation Fee: Php 10,000.00



4th Floor: Php Php 1,290,000.00

12.5% Downpayment Php 161,250.00

Payable 14 mos at Php 10,804.00/mo.

87.5% Loanable Amount - Php 1,128,750.00 (Bank Financing)

20 years to pay at 7% p.a. - Php 8,751.00/mo.

15 years to pay at 7% p.a. - Php 10,146.00/mo

10 years to pay at 7% p.a. - Php 13,106.00/mo.


STUDIO UNIT - Bria Flats 4-Storey Walk Up Condominium

Floor Area  24 sq. m.

4th Floor         - P 1,535,440.00
3rd Floor         - P 1,570,440.00
2nd Floor        - P 1,670,440.00
Ground Floor  - P 1,685,440.00
Reservation Fee: P 10,000.00

PAYMENT TERMS: (12.5% / 87.5% - Bank Financing)
* LEVITHA , MYKONOS, RHODES & CAPRI - 12.5% DP- Payable 6 months
*Ready for Occupancy Units.

1) SAMPLE COMPUTATION:  Bank Financing

4th Floor:  P 1,535,440.00
12.5% Downpayment               P 191,930.00
           Less: Reservation Fee        10,000.00
           Net Downpayment        P  181,930.00 - Payable 6 mos at P 30,322.00/mo.

87.5% Loanable Amount - P 1,128,750.00(Bank Financing)
           20 years to pay at 8% p.a. - P 11,238.00/mo.
           15 years to pay at 8% p.a. - P 12,839.00/mo.
    a) Available Option for Combinable Unit...
For Other Sample Computation of what Floor you want to choose, just contact me...

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1 Bedroom
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Updated: Nov. 14, 2018


Don't go alone to the site coz the guard will ask you if you have accompanied by your accredited broker to assist you and give you an exact information about the project, trust only an accredited agent when you buy a property here in Cebu Mactan.


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