89 List of Cebu property developers in Philippines

This are the 89 List of Cebu property developers in Philippines some are not yet added if you think our company is not listed below send us a message in email , twitter and facebook page. Your feedback and comments are all welcome. We also need your comments so we can continuely update the website.  I know plenty are not yet listed because many company are popping up in realestate development here in Cebu. The prices may vary in primary location and materials use. Also the check the social medial reviews in each clients who are satisfaction and disatiscation. Our main of this website if give you importand information in your descion making which area that is best for your needs. Are you listed on this website ? Email or call us to add you in the list. 

1. 8990 Housing Development Corp.(DECCA HOMES)

2. Aboitizland

3. ABQ & Sons Realty & Development Corp.

4.Acropolis Land

5.AE International Construction & Development Corp.

6.AIDFAZ Development (ATHECOR)

7.Alpha land (Fontana)

8.Alveo Land Corp.

9.Amaia Steps 

10.Apple One Properties Inc.

11. Arienza Land Realty and Development Corp.

12. Asian Pasific

13. Atong Balay Pinuy-anan Inc.

14. Avida

15. Ayala Land Premier

16. Banawa Dev’t. Corp. Inc.

17. BF Property Development Corp. (BF Furtune Ville)

18. Borromeo Bros. (North Gate Residences)

19. Brickland Property Venture Corp. (Woodway Homes)

20. Camella A Vista Land Company (Cebu)

21. Camella Crown Communities

22. Castille Resources Realty Devt. Inc.

23. Cebu Grandville Properties Inc. (Grand Terrace)

24. Cebu Korona Development Corp.

25. Cebu Landmasters Inc.

26. Cebu South Memorial Garden Inc.

27. Citrineland Corporation (Harmonis Res.)

28. CLS Properties Inc.

29. Colourfield Land Development Corp. (Northfield Residences)

30. Contempo Property Holdings Inc.

31. CS Michael Development Corp. (Pristine Grove Res.)

32. DAE-BAK Development Corp.

33. Dem-Daph Realty

34. DEO Homes & Property Devt. Corp. (D’ Pearl Residences)

35. DRock Development Services Inc.

36. DRock Solid Venture & Development Services Inc.

37. Duros Land Properties Inc.

38. Dohera Hotel –

39. Eastland Property Ventures (Tiara Del Sol)


41. Federal Land Inc.

42. Fillnvest Land Inc.

43. Fortune Real property Improvements Corp.

44. Fuente Triangle Realty Development Corp.

45. Gio Homes – (520-6982)

46. Genvi Development Corporation

47. Gold Peach Properties

48. Grandland Inc. (Citi Homes) (Grand Residences)

49. Hacienda San Augustin Subd. (Calajo-an) RFO – 460-0152

50. Horizons 101

51. HTF Prime Properties

52. Innoland Development Corporation (Calyx Residences)

53. James Andrie

54. Jenson Land and Realty Development Corp.

55. Jems-k

56. Johndorf Ventures Corporation

57. Kaiser Estate

58. Kenrich Development

59. Kings Properties

60. Landtraders World Properties Corp.

61. Limbros Realty and Development Corp. (Happy Homes)

62. Lite Properties Corp.

63. Maria Luisa Properties

64. MCJR Realty and Development Corp.

65. Mediatrix Homes Inc.

66. Mega Crown Realty & Development

67. Megaworld

68. MLD Dreambuilders Inc.

69. MSY Holdings Corp. (Bayswater)

70. Myvan Properties Development Corporation

71. Nextland Estate Corporation

72. Nexus Real Estate Corp.

73. One Up Realty Ventures (Gio Homes)

74. OPMC Sta. Lucia

75. Pacific Grande Realty & Devt. Corp.

76. Pasific Land Ventures & Property Devt. Inc.

77. Padoc Holdings Inc. – 236-5596 / 09255635581

78. Penuel Construction ( Samantha Place)

79. Prestige Homes & Realty Development Corp.

80. Priland Development Corporation (Northwoods)

81. Primary Homes Inc.

82. Prime Homes Development Corp.

83. Priva Communities Inc.

84. Psalm Property Ventures

85. Richmond Residences

86. RJK Luminous Builders Development Corporation

87. Robinland

88. Robinson Land

89. Rockwell Land Corp.

Is your company found on the list?  Please send us a note so we can add yours.



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