5 Basic Steps in Buying House and lot in Cebu.

1.)Search in the internet using google.com faster and easy, no hassle, no need to ride a car and go outside wastinf your time and money. Also you can go to google map to target the location where you want to visit. (You can browse my website www.buycebuproperty.com)

2.) Direct call or email for your inquiries or any other concern you need to know from the realestate ads. You can also chat and leave a message in buycebuproperty.com

3.) Set an appointment and  target view the property you want to visit.  Some property are pre-selling meaning that property do not exist yet or it is currently under development/construction. Mostly at pre-selling stage, prices of the houses are very low and price mark down compare to a property that is fully develop.

4.) If you think the property meet your needs. This are the 3 things you need to do

a.) Keep asking - Ask the salesman the details. Asking the details.  then you should reserve the unit to hold it for you. Note, for security purposes, you should not give the reservation fee to the agent to forward it to the developer

b.) Continue searching - the property of your needs. The salesman will be glad to assist you for the site tour.

c.) Buy the property - inspect all the papers before you buy.   Agent has to guide and assist the clients.

5.) After reserving the chosen unit, developer will issue you the documents as proof of reserving/purchasing.. The developer will do the processing of the necessary documents for you. The agent will follow-up all necessary requirements for you and do all the paper works.

That’s it. It is simple and easy. ENJOY and now you own a property.