8 steps for Legal Procedures in transfer of title (land and apartments)

Things are complicated when you are not familiar on the legal procedure. The best thing you can do is educated your self then ask legal lawyers or broker for information assistance.

Below are the 8 list you need to know legal procedures in transfer of title.

✔ Owner and Buyer agree on sale of a piece of land. Through a lawyer, a Deed of Absolute Sale (DOAS) is created and notarized.

Massive traffic in Cebu is persistence anywhere going to Cebu City

The traffic jam in Cebu escalate due to number of people living in the City.  People going to Cebu City need a car or a motorcycle so they buy thinking life is getting better. When they buy a vehicle they just park in the road because they don’t have a parking space. You can see this often in a low cost housing subdivision. Many lowcost subdivisions in Cebu that has no property  management. Owners just in the road and even blocking the road.

4 List swimming pool builder in Cebu Philippines

If you are searching for swimming pool builder this are the following list. Other builders are outside Cebu. It is recommended nearest location so that if problem occur you get your warranty at services or can fix the problem. Get the feedback to their perviews clients so you will know the quality of works they are making.Search more in the internet to get more knowledge. This are the just a few information list. Please send comments if you want to add more list.

Cebu list of holidays

When you are living in Cebu it is important to know the date of holidays. Sometimes when you are so busy and you forgot to check the list of holiday calendar you will visit the place then wonder why is is close most specially the government m banks, schools and several organization.This list calendar will remind you during your list of calendar during the month. This will help you in advance when you want to take a short or long holiday or move outside Cebu. Check the calendar schedule date below.